Australian Open to introduce shot clock

The 2018 Australian Open will be the first grand slam to use the controversial shot clock in January.

The clock, which counts down 25 seconds from the end of the point in which time the player has to serve, was successfully trialled at the recent Next Gen ATP Finals. 

The clock is visible courtside, allowing players to monitor the remaining time. The chair umpire will have control over when to start the countdown, allowing for some leeway after a long point. 

It’s inclusion is not supported by everyone, with world number one Rafael Nadal already having expressed his opinion.

"You cannot expect to play 50 shot rallies and in 25 seconds be ready to play the next tennis point," the Spaniard told Eurosport in August. 

"I think that's not possible for a great show. But if you don't want a great show, of course it's a great improvement."